The Beauty of the Brain: Brain Painting with EEG - Updated

I've come across a site with the most gorgeous images of brain activity I've ever seen.

And these aren't just inspired works of art, they are actually images derived from EEG activity.

Here's just a couple to inspire you to go and look at more....


They come from a site about a new neurofeedback system developed by Bill Scott, who has been a leader in the field for many years.

I can't get into all of his pages, but he seems to have developed a system that can take the EEG waves produced by an individual's brain and to create a visual image of the activity.

What makes these images so exciting is that they are fractal -- yet more evidence that the brain is a complex, nonlinear system, as I've been preaching at you for some time. ;-)

Here's how Bill describes it on one of his BrainPaint pages:

..."BrainPaint extracts a new metric on the complexity of the EEG and feeds that back visually in a language the brain functions in.  Our brains and BrainPaint are complex systems -- BrainPaint takes information communicated directly from the brain and creates real-time fractal images that the brain appears to understand."

Wouldn't I love to see my brain's images! How about you?

Update: Bill has updated his website and has an explanation of how he came to create these images and why. Of course, he does have an error in there, when he says that every other system until his only used linear feedback of elements of the EEG -- the Zengar CARE model  I use was actually the first to use nonlinear information about the brain as the information that counted to the brain. But Bill's images are still gorgeous... ;-)