Why Haven't I Heard of Neurofeedback Before?

I get this question -- Why haven't I heard of neurofeedback before? Why didn't anyone tell me? -- all the time from my clients and people calling or writing to me to find out more about neurofeedback.

The really frustrated ones are the individuals who have worked with me to decrease their migraines, stop panic attacks, stabilize their mood and who want to know why their physician never told them about this option.

I never have very good answers for them.

Today I read an article -- Parallel Universes -- from one of the most senior practitioners in the neurofeedback field, Siegfried Othmer. I want to share it with you -- not because it necessarily answers this question, but because it reflects just how frustrating all of us working in the field can get.

Please feel free to share what you know about neurofeedback with your friends, family, and colleagues. Perhaps we can stop the silence.

Parallel Universes  and here's the opening paragraph...

Sometimes we who work with neurofeedback have theimpression of living in a parallel universe. We live with a view of reality that is attaining increasing confirmation via formal studies while at the same time becoming much more clinically effective, yet it is a view that appears to be almost completely disconnected from mainstream thinking. This state of affairs is not unfamiliar to people who have studied Thomas Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions,” but it is still somewhat breathtaking to see how long the split between the old and new paradigms can persist in the real world.