You took the Brainiacs Quiz and you scored as an Evolving-Brain. That means you know a lot about the brain -- you know a lot of the common understandings are wrong or not-quite-right; you know about brain plasticity and how the brain adapts and changes based on what it experiences and what we ask it to do.

Because you've invested time and brain-energy in learning about the brain, I'd love to share the opening introduction to my upcoming book -- The Way of the Brain -- with you. You may have read a bit about The Way  on my home page.  This is the next section of the book, welcoming you into the Journey with me. I'd love any feedback you want to share with me...

Why are We Taking This Journey?

Let me start with why I would love for you to sign up for the trip. In a nutshell, I want you to experience a different relationship to your brain. I want you to move past the common biological machine metaphor with its emphasis on anatomy and what the parts do and how we can make it give better performance and toward an understanding of its nonlinear nature and working with the way we actually are.
It’s the processes of how the brain does what it does — its dance, not the specifics of its structure — that is important.

Sound curious coming from a neuropsychologist? Why would I say this?

Because the most important principles of how your brain works are not unique to your brain. They are the same principles underlying any nonlinear, dynamically changing, networked self-regulating system — in non-jargon language — any complex system that interacts with its environment  — creating itself by building on each previous moment.

Understanding those principles can change your entire worldview and create powerful opportunities for seeing yourself and your interactions very differently:

  • It can re-connect you to who and how you truly are right now.
  • It can allow you the space to unfold into who you are truly becoming.
  • It can re-create your relationships and interactions with the world around you.

Who is this Journey designed for?


Having gotten that out of my system (:-), I see you as signing up for this Journey if you are:

  • A Creative person (writers, actors, etc.), especially if you find yourself blocked in some way
  • A Coach of creative people
  • A Coach with a special interest in the brain
  • One of the “Cultural Creatives”, especially a blocked Cultural Creative
  • A spiritually-minded person looking for tools to help you evolve, especially if you value the links between science and spirit

Put down this book if:

  • You are deeply committed to being, doing, and having More and More
  • You primarily want techniques to improve your brain function to make it do what you want it to do
  • You believe in accepting things the way they are and creating a safe and comfortable space for yourself

You’ll hate it.

What will you learn along The Way?
The Journey we will take together is intended to help you:

- Understand yourself as a dynamic system that is evolving without you having to force anything

- Deeply understand that the way your brain works is the same way all natural systems work – your family, your communities, your country, nature, etc., etc. — and learn to trust the way the world has evolved to work optimally

– More intuitively feel that we are all inter-connected and influencing each other all the time

- Believe that you can be happiest, most creative and productive, and most emotionally graceful when you accept and work with the way you are instead of wishing to be someone else

- Experience a new level of ease and effortless change as you and your brain evolve

- Experience a new level of creativity and productivity through more Play – without the self-compulsion we typically impose on ourselves

- Experience an emotional gracefulness that again comes from working with rather than against your brain’s natural activity flows

- Experience the playful Change that can emerge in us as individuals or in our larger “collections” from living a deeper understanding of the Flow and Dance of brains shifting, separately and together

Join me...