Brain Power

Things to Get Done? Need Self Discipline?

I responded recently to someone in one of my Facebook groups who was asking about how to develop personal discipline to Get. Things. Done.

Of course, I couldn't resist applying how I think about the brain to that question.

I thought I would just share the question and my thoughts with you, in case you're searching for some discipline in this period of New Beginnings. :-)

Q:  In a podcast a while back, Charlie Gilkey mentioned that he found people who had experience in cultures that required discipline (i.e. those in the military, or athletes) were often better at developing discipline in other areas of their life.  

My question:  What suggestions do you have for those like me who do not have that in their background and who struggle with discipline?  How does a complete newbie to discipline, develop it?

Brain Capacity and 7+/- 2 Information Bits?

One of the things I sometimes hear people talk about is the idea that brain can only manage 7+2 information bits at a time. On some occasions, people are referring to our memory capacity (we can only remember 7 + 2 bits); on others, people have stretched this to mean our brains can handle only 7 + 2 bits of information at any one time.

I need to challenge this as a brain myth worth losing.

I want you to think about the brain instead as an amazing system of billions of possible connections all networked together and all doing what they do in unbelievably short time periods.

Here are some "bits" of information I'd like you to consider: